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JMC (USA), Inc.

Company Profile

JMC (USA), Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Japan Metals and Chemicals Company, Ltd., commonly known as JMC. JMC opened its first office outside of Japan in New York in 1986. In 1990, this office was incorporated as JMC (USA), Inc. for the purpose of marketing JMC products in the United States and Europe, and marketing products from the Americas and Europe in Japan. In 1990, JMC formed another corporation, JMC Hi-Tech Metals, Inc., located in the Research Triangle Park, North Carolina to produce high purity materials for the electronics industry. In 1993, the two companies merged and the surviving company retained the name JMC (USA), Inc.

JMCUSA consists of three divisions: Marketing, Chromium Production, and Hydrogen Storage Alloy Production.

The Marketing Division's primary business is the purchase and sale of chromium metal produced in the United States and Europe to a sister company in Japan for refining or distribution to customers in Asia. In addition, JMCUSA markets and sells many other products including engineering ceramics, high purity cobalt metal, and hydrogen storage systems produced by JMC and its subsidiaries to companies in North America and Europe.

The Chromium Division produces high purity chromium metal at its facility in the Research Triangle Park, North Carolina. JMCUSA's high purity chromium is the highest purity commercially produced chromium metal available in the world, and it is a specialty niche market product. The primary use of the material is in the production of active matrix flat panel displays. JMCUSA initially started the business with a production capacity of 24,000 lbs. per year, and at that time, was the only producer of material of this quality in the free world. Sales increased, and an additional production unit was added in 1995 to double the production capacity to 48,000 lbs. per year.

The Hydrogen Storage Alloy Division was formed in 1996 with the construction of JMCUSA’s new production facility in Treyburn Corporate Park, North Carolina. This facility was built to supply hydrogen storage alloy to the U.S. market and is the only commercial scale production facility in the U.S. The primary use of this material is in producing nickel-metal hydride rechargeable batteries.

The U.S. production of nickel-metal hydride batteries did not materialize as projected, thus JMCUSA's new facility did not have an adequate customer base to begin operations. JMC and JMCUSA are actively involved in facilitating the emerging hydrogen age and promoting the use of hydrogen storage alloy as a safe effective medium for hydrogen storage.

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