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JMC (USA), Inc.

A wholly owned subsidiary of Japan Metals and Chemicals Co., Ltd.

Providing Quality Products to Industry since 1990

Chromium metal -- JMC produces high purity chromium metal at JMC (USA), Inc. located in the Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, USA, and medium and high purity chromium in Oguni, Yamagata, Japan. JMC provides a wide range of chromium metal products to the electronics, super alloy, and welding rod industries as well as specialty products for custom applications.

Cobalt -- JMC has provided the electronics industry with high purity cobalt metal since 1997. Cobalt plates are produced by electrolysis using a method developed by JMC with minimum 4N5 (99.995% metallics basis) purity. High purity cobalt is also available as electron beam melted billets.

Hydrogen Storage Alloy -- JMC produces hydrogen storage alloy in Oguni, Yamagata, Japan for the secondary battery industry and hydrogen storage systems to meet a variety of emerging hydrogen storage needs.

Silicon Nitride Ceramics -- JMC has developed an advanced slip casting method which provides plasticity in addition to excellent mechanical and thermal properties. JMC's silicon nitride ceramics (slip-cast and pressureless-sintered) offer superior properties for use in the metal casting and energy industries. JMC produces various slip cast silicon nitride ceramics at the Sakata Ceramics Facility in Japan.

Soft Ferrite -- JMC produces presintered soft ferrite for a broad range of applications in electronics including television deflection yokes and flyback transformers, rotary transformers in video players and recorders, switch-mode power supplies, EMI-RFI absorbing materials, and a wide variety of transformers, filters and inductors for electronic home appliances and industrial equipment.

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